Rechargeable olive harvesters

Powerful and highly efficient, but at the same time quiet and versatile: this is the STIHL & VIKING rechargeable system. From mowing the lawn and trimming lawn mowers, pruning hedges, clearing leaves and paths to cutting firewood - STIHL & VIKING rechargeable machines do all the garden work comfortably. Whether you are an amateur gardener or a professional, you will always find exactly what you need. At the heart of the system are innovative lithium-ion batteries. With excess power, high energy density, fast charging, no memory effect and can be used with all rechargeable machines. Quiet without cables, exhaust gases and with absolute freedom of movement.

SPA 65 Rechargeable STIHL olive harvester with scallops
Up to 24 Installments! | SPA 65 Rechargeable STIHL olive harvester with scallops
Rechargeable STIHL harvesting machine for efficient collection of fruits such as olives, nuts or peanuts.
It has 2 scallops with 4 rays of carbon fiber each.
The speed of movement is completely controlled by the throttle.
Specially designed for comfortable work.
Compatible with all rechargeable batteries and chargers STIHL.
Ideal for business users.