STIHL electric blowers

In gardens, streets and parks, STIHL blowers and aspirators can show their true selves: Fallen leaves, cut grass, rubbish - nothing can resist the strong air current of STIHL blowers. The estate cleans on the spot. STIHL cutting suckers devour fallen leaves, cut grass and hedge twigs in any quantity. At the same time, the organic waste is cut into such small pieces that it can be used directly for compost production or distributed as fertilizer on soil and grass. With STIHL sprayers, spraying pesticides on orchards, vineyards and vegetable fields is faster and more efficient than ever.

BGE 71 Easy, silent STIHL electric blower
For cleaning small and medium areas near the house. Flattened nozzle, cable safety, adjustable suction system that allows operation as a suction cutter.