Multi Tools

The Multi system is your versatile assistant in any field work. With a single machine you can remove muscle and moss, ventilate the lawn, loosen the ground and clean streets and paving. The Multi system after work, folds, transports and stores with great ease.

Digging tool regulator
To increase / decrease the processing depth. This regulator slows down the forward movement during deep tillage. Thus, the cutter blades penetrate deeper into the ground. The user does not have to work hard to hold the tool. Suitable for milling machine and pellet crusher.
Edge cutter Multi FC-MM
Cleaned edges, thanks to a deep incision that reaches the roots. Also particularly suitable for mowing and transporting lawn pieces.
Multi BF-MM milling machine
It plows very easily and simply even hard clay soils. The ideal tool for re-cultivation and soil loosening or for space-saving planting.
Multi BK-MM Pellet Crusher
Suitable especially for the distribution of fine-grained, sandy soils, for the creation of grooves or the crushing of pellets, e.g. among sparsely planted plants.
Multi KB-MM brush
Cleans surfaces with joints or irregular paving with natural stones, effectively from mud and stains. With protective extension.
Multi KW-MM cleaning roller
Easily cleans flat surfaces from debris, rubble, sand and gravel, wet leaves and snow. Ideal for cleaning entrances, roads and lawns.
Multi MF-MM Submarine
For fast and efficient removal of moss and tangled grass from the lawn surface. Includes protective covers and apron.
Multi RL-MM lawn blender
Creates uniform "holes" in the surface of the lawn. Thus, the grass takes in air and breathes, while at the same time improving the supply of nutrients and enhancing the growth of roots.
Wheel set
Ideal when using a cleaning brush and roller. The additional set of wheels facilitates the work with the brush and the cleaning roller. Thanks to the wheels, the frictional resistance is reduced and the tool, which rotates in the opposite direction of the propulsion, gets up without difficulty. Ideal for work on uneven ground.