Accessories for cutters

High power, long service life, extended maintenance intervals and, in the unlikely event that it will be needed, short repair times. These are the qualities that a modern construction machine should have. STIHL cutters and drills meet these requirements in an impressive way. It is no coincidence, then, that STIHL cutters are the biggest sellers in the world.

STIHL Pressurized water tank
10 L. For the supply of water to the joint cutters on construction sites without connection to the water supply network. Not recommended for GS 461.
STIHL Wheel set
Wheel set suitable for TS 410, TS 420, TS 480i, 500i, TS, TS 700 and TS 800 mounting kit for the front cap. Facilitates the management of the angle wheel on flat surfaces.
STIHL Water connector
The STIHL water connector for STIHL grouts has two nozzles that are easy to clean. The nozzles fit into the grinder's magnesium bumper. The water they spray, binds the dust that is created during cutting. For an efficient and clean incision.