STIHL back blowers

In gardens, streets and parks, STIHL blowers and aspirators can show their true selves: Fallen leaves, cut grass, rubbish - nothing can resist the strong air current of STIHL blowers. The estate cleans on the spot. STIHL cutting suckers devour fallen leaves, cut grass and hedge twigs in any quantity. At the same time, the organic waste is cut into such small pieces that it can be used directly for compost production or distributed as fertilizer on soil and grass. With STIHL sprayers, spraying pesticides on orchards, vineyards and vegetable fields is faster and more efficient than ever.

STIHL BR 200 Practical back blower
Small and very light machine. STIHL anti-vibration system, 2-MIX engine, simple start-up procedure, locking throttle lock with power switch, transfer handle.
STIHL BR 450 Very powerful blower
Very powerful blower with two-part handle with rubber coating, STIHL anti-vibration system, ergonomic shock absorber, 2-MIX engine, simple start, locking throttle with power switch, transfer handle, stepless adjustment of air hose without adjustment, tools.
STIHL BR 600 Extremely powerful professional back blower
Up to 24 Installments! | STIHL BR 600 Extremely strong professional back blowerExtremely powerful professional back blower STIHL. For fast and efficient completion of even the largest cleaning work. For use in the commercial sector. With highly efficient anti-vibration system and ergonomic transport system with hip belt for all-day use. With an innovative 4-MIX engine with a pleasant sound that ensures low fuel consumption and less exhaust gases.
STIHL BR 700 High performance professional blower
Up to 24 Installments! | STIHL BR 700 High performance professional blowerExtremely powerful STIHL blower with very high air supply. Adjustable handle without tools, stepless adjustment of air hose, soft handle. STIHL anti-vibration system, 4-MIX® engine. Wide shoulder ergonomics of high ergonomics, hip belt, fixed trigger with power switch and carrying handle. For long hours of work with a convex injector, we recommend using the bicycle handle.
STIHL BR 800 CE The most powerful blower
Up to 24 Installments! | STIHL BR 800 CE The most powerful blowerThe most powerful STIHL blower. Practical side boot, for easy restart when worn on the back. Adjustable handle without tools, stepless air hose adjustment. Soft handle, STIHL anti-vibration system, ergonomic wide shoulder girdle, hip belt, chest belt, 4-MIX® engine, single start, non-adjustable throttle with power switch, carrying handle.