STIHL saw blades

Regardless of the green maintenance work that awaits you - whether it is for the care of the estate or for the maintenance of groves or landscapes - in STIHL you will definitely find the cutting part that is perfectly adapted to your lawn mower and for the use you want.

High performance STIHL MZ 225-22 HP
Special steel saw blade for medium and high performance lawn mowers. For logs and slender tree trunks. Must be used with the appropriate blade stop kit. Used only with selected lawn mowers. High performance (HP) version.
Saw blade with pointed teeth, 200mm Special accessory for cleaning STIHL
Πριονόδισκος με μυτερά δόντια για ξυλώδεις θάμνους, λεπτούς κορμούς δέντρων και άλλες εφαρμογές στη δασοκομία. Επιτρέπεται μόνο σε συνδυασμό με οδηγό.
STIHL hard metal saw blade
Sturdy special steel accessory for woody shrubs, slender tree trunks and other sawing and ground cleaning work. Guy with longer life and particularly high resistance to stress. Allowed only in conjunction with a guide.