STIHL safety gloves

Working with machines is not a game. It requires constant concentration on the subject and continuous evaluation of personal safety. That is why at STIHL , we take the issue of safety at work seriously. We offer you a wide range of items from safety helmets and comfortable protective clothing to boots for chainsaw operators.

Gloves with protection against cuts STIHL DYNAMIC Protect MS
The palm is made of cow leather combines high strength with great grip comfort. The back of the hand and fingers are made of elastic fabric. With an elastic band that supports the wrist and prevents dirt from entering the glove. Class 1 protection level.
STIHL FUNCTION SensionTouch gloves
Smartphones and tablets are part of our daily lives - whether that means working in the garden, forestry and agriculture or on a construction site. With the general-purpose, touch-sensitive SensoTouch FUNCTION glove, you can operate your digital devices without removing your gloves.
 Sizes: M, L, XL