STIHL digging cutters

Our diggers have a powerful motor, materials with a long life and more than 35 years of know-how. They are also accompanied by a wide variety of accessories. No matter how strong the digger of your choice will be, with our advanced technology, the job becomes easier

STIHL AHK 702 - Battery
Accumulator for creating grooves and growing vegetables. Suitable for MH 560, MH 585, MH 685 models
MH 600 Stihl New digger
The high-performance STIHL MH 600 is more suitable for splitting dense, compact soils and overturning large plots. Driven by a powerful gasoline engine, it effortlessly plows an 80 cm wide canal through the ground. The shape of the blades allows you to mix the soil with great power and efficiency, easily cutting off old roots and plant material and bringing them to the surface. All tension fittings are made of extremely durable materials, such as reinforced steel designed for heavy practical use. The central height adjustment function guarantees ergonomic handling that allows you to easily plow the grooves despite the forces involved. With two forward gears and reverse gear you can operate the machine with ease.  TRANSPORTATION IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE BUY IT IN 12 INTEREST-FREE INSTALLMENTS
MH 700 Stihl digger
Up to 24 Installments! | MH 700 Stihl diggerThe excellent STIHL MH 700 gasoline engine was created for very large areas and especially for heavy and dense soils. The digger is equipped with two gears at the front and one reverse gear. In addition, the MH 700 has a PTO shaft for driving other gears. The cleaning place is used for maintenance. SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE BUY IT IN 12 INTEREST-FREE INSTALLMENTS