Pneumatic Conveyors & Trimmers

Nilfisk A128XR pneumatic material conveyor
Up to 24 Installments! | Nilfisk A128XR Pneumatic Material Conveyor Pneumatic material conveyors transport dry raw materials, such as powder and / or granular materials, which are fed to processing machines and other systems, e.g. dosing machines, mixers. Pneumatic. Single-phase pneumatic conveyor, a compact system "all in one" • For air transport 200-300 kgr / h at distances of 3 Meters x 3 Meters.
Trimmer Nilfisk R104 V
Up to 24 Installments! | Trimmer Nilfisk R104 VIndustrial hood for collecting waste from plastic, paper or fabric produced during packaging on the production line. Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner with high air flow. • and for continuous operation 24/7