Rechargeable machines - AI system

Powerful and highly efficient, but at the same time quiet and versatile: this is the STIHL rechargeable system. From mowing the lawn and trimming lawn mowers to trimming hedges, clearing leaves and paths to cutting firewood - STIHL rechargeable machines comfortably do all the garden work. Whether you are a casual user or a professional, you will find with us exactly what you need. With excess power, high energy density, fast charging, no memory effect STIHL rechargeable machines are quiet and free you from cables and exhaust gases, giving you complete freedom of movement.

BGA 200 Stihl blower without battery and charger
Single device without battery and without chargerFor efficient removal of leaves and debris, even in larger areasEspecially powerful and light wireless fan Very comfortable thanks to the second handle and the convenient transport systemFlexible use thanks to two modes of operation (device for 2 in 1) Ideal in areas with noise sensitivity
BGA 45 Rechargeable STIHL blower with integrated battery
Easy to use rechargeable STIHL blower for cleaning small areas near the house. Round nozzle, built-in battery with charge status indicator, wall bracket with charging function for practical storage and simultaneous charging of the machine. Weight 2.0 kg. Battery charging time 210/300 minutes (80% / 100% respectively) ..
Charger AL 1 STIHL
30 V. Compatible with STIHL AS 2 battery, with operating status indicator (lamps). Cable winding with velcro tape. Possibility of mounting on the wall.
FSA 45 Rechargeable STIHL mower with built-in battery
Rechargeable STIHL compact lawn mower for simple cleaning and diluting work around the house. Built-in battery with charge status indicator, tube and arched handle adjustable without tools, adjustable working angle of the cutting unit from among others. in PolyCut knives and nozzle without changing the head, spacer. Weight 2.3 kg. Battery charging time 145/210 minutes (80% / 100% respectively).
HSA 45 Rechargeable edging scissors STIHL
Very light rechargeable edging scissors STIHL with good cutting efficiency for branches in areas around the house. Double-sided double-edged knife with 24 mm tooth spacing, built-in guard for protection against cuts, screwed guide guard, built-in battery with charge status indicator. Weight from 2.3 kg. Battery charging time 145/210 minutes (80% / 100% respectively).
HTA 86 Stihl Telescopic chainsaw
HTA 86: OPTIMAL RANGE WITH THE TELESCOPIC AXIS You will experience the STIHL HTA 86 without pruning cable with a total length of up to 390 cm as a valuable work aid for the comfortable care of medium and tall trees. Garden and landscape gardeners, foresters, municipalities and even ambitious hobby gardeners benefit from the high ergonomics offered by the fixed operating telescopic shaft. With the rotating clamping sleeve you can easily and quickly increase the length of the shaft up to 120 cm depending on your needs. The shaft remains stable against rotation or bending. The PM3 saw chain allows you to easily and accurately start scheduled cuts in wood. Thanks to the high cutting efficiency, you can effectively make clean cuts. The high quality EC engine combined with a rechargeable battery from the STIHL AP system ensures a powerful drive with stable performance. It works so quietly that you can work in noise-sensitive areas, such as residential areas. The protective sliding handle ensures that you can work efficiently and safely at any time, even in the rain. Additional benefits: Toolless oil tank cap with translucent oil tank for quick refilling and continuous control Durable branching hook for gripping loose tree trunks up to 5 metersSingle device without battery and without charger Easy 120 cm length adjustment thanks to the telescopic shaftSafe removal of loose branches up to 5 m high thanks to the durable branch hooksFast refill of the oil tank thanks to the tank-free lid of the tank