Accessories for STIHL

In difficult terrain, and especially where the lawn mower can not reach, STIHL mowers are in their element. Depending on the power of the engine and the cutting edge, the possibilities range from cleaning the edges of the lawn to thinning woody shrubs. The various power classes make it easy to choose the right machine for every purpose. The STIHL representative is willing to give you any other information you need.

Adjustable milling machine STIHL BF
With this custom STIHL tool, some of the lawn mowers and mowers can be easily turned into a ground milling machine. Cutting length 25 cm, weight 1.8 kg. Only for the following machines: FS 85 R, FS 85, FS 100 R, FS 100, FS 120, FS 130, FR 85 T, FR 450.
Brush cutter STIHL FH 145 °
For cutting shrubs close to the ground and safe cutting of grass in very narrow spaces. It can be adjusted in multiple positions, with a special position to save space during transport. Weight 1.5 kg. Suitable for FS 90, FS 91, FS 100, FS 111, FS 130 and FS 131.
Forest work support STIHL ADVANCE PLUS
Free foot plates ensure great freedom of movement. For the use of saw blades in forestry, ergonomic and very light, can be supplemented with a tool bag. With hook for simple and fast tying and loosening of the lawn mower, for FS 50 - FS 560.
General purpose strut STIHL ADVANCE PLUS (orange)
Intense warning color. Ideal complement to the warning clothes for work in dangerous areas, with a hook for simple and fast tying and untying of the lawn mower. Suitable for FS 50 - FS 560.
STIHL ADVANCE tool backpack
For practical tool transfer. With two cases. It is simply attached to general purpose and forestry harnesses.
STIHL ADVANCE X-TREEm Forest work harness
Offering excellent ergonomic design, specially designed for long hours of sawmill forest work in the forest. Excellent comfort thanks to the length-adjustable back and the unbalanced weight distribution between the hips and shoulders. Ideal for FS 89 - FS 560 and FSA 90.