Accessories for edging scissors / Fence cutters

Find here the accessories you need for STIHL

STIHL driver protection
Protects the tip of the knife from damage when working near walls and on the ground.
STIHL RTS back transport system
For long hours of use. Adjustable height, adjustable suspension height for HL 95, HL 100, HLE 71, HL-KM 135 & amp; HT-KM
Pipe extension STIHL HLA 56
Made of aluminum. Increase range 50cm. For use in the rechargeable fence cutter HLA 56. Weight 500gr
Clamp for STIHL telescopic tube
For maximum ergonomics in combination with a simple shoulder girdle or RTS supine transport system. Easy installation and quick removal of the machine. Included in the standard equipment of HT 56, HT 103 and HT 133. Suitable for HT 101, HT 131, HTA 85 and HLA 85.