BGA 45 Rechargeable STIHL blower with integrated battery
Easy to use rechargeable STIHL blower for cleaning small areas near the house. Round nozzle, built-in battery with charge status indicator, wall bracket with charging function for practical storage and simultaneous charging of the machine. Weight 2.0 kg. Battery charging time 210/300 minutes (80% / 100% respectively) ..
BGA 100 rechargeable STIHL blower without battery and charger
Silent, light and very powerful rechargeable STIHL blower for professional use, especially in urban centers and areas with high noise sensitivity. Round nozzle, soft grip, three-position power regulator with additional boost function, variable length air hose with three predefined positions, support pad ring. Weight 2.5 kg. For long hours of use, we recommend AR 3000 type back-up batteries with support pad and easy-to-use hook, for shorter usage times an AP battery is available, for the connection of which a case with a connection cable worth € 165 is required.
BG56 STIHL Blower
Quickly cleans small and large surfaces from fallen leaves or cut grass. Round nozzle, 2-MIX engine, power switch.
BG 66-D STIHL blower with muffler
STIHL low noise blower with strong air beam. For homeowners, landscapes and local authoritiesStrong blowing effect thanks to the STIHL 2-MIX engine Reduced noise petrol blower with catalytic converterQuick clearance of leaves or mowed grass from all areas
BG86 STIHL Blower
For homeowners, landscapes and local authoritiesEven start without breaks thanks to STIHL ElastoStartComfortable even for larger uses thanks to the anti-vibration systemFast leaf clearing or mowing of grass from all areasFill bumper with reduced noise level2 with low noise level duration of large and very dusty work
BGE 71 Easy, silent STIHL electric blower
For cleaning small and medium areas near the house. Flattened nozzle, cable safety, adjustable suction system that allows operation as a suction cutter.
SG 11 STIHL handheld sprinkler
Ergonomic and easy-to-use STIHL hand sprinkler for dispersing liquid plant protection products. Efficient pump for pleasant work. Delivered with hollow cone injectors.
SG 21 STIHL handheld sprinkler
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STIHL handheld sprinkler, extremely easy to use, for use on the balcony and in the garden of the house. Easy transport with shoulder aorta. Delivered with hollow cone injectors. SHIPPING: The product is shipped
SG 31 STIHL hand sprayer
Manual sprinkler with 5 liter container for plant protection, weed control, application of fertilizers and pest control. Ideal for the individual with a large garden. With telescopic tube and additional injector flat beam. SHIPPING: The product is shipped
SG 51 STIHL backlight
STIHL backpack for casual and professional use. The pump lever is mounted to the right or left ensuring high operating comfort. Ergonomic control valve. Sturdy construction for long life, even in case of intensive professional use. SHIPMENT: The product is shipped
SG 71 STIHL backlight
STIHL backlight for professional use. The pump lever is mounted on the right or left ensuring high operating comfort, with the possibility of adjusting the width and length. Quality belts and anatomical back cushion for high transport comfort. Ergonomic regulating valve with pressure gauge. SHIPPING: The product is shipped
SR 450 Powerful STIHL back sprayer
Up to 24 Installments! | SR 450 Strong back sprayer STIHL Strong back sprayer STIHL, suitable for dispersing liquid pesticides over large areas. With a spray width of up to 14.5 meters and high comfort equipment, it allows efficient and relaxing work. It has an additional 2-in-1 conversion mechanism that also allows use for dust and grain dispersion in large crops.
STIHL SH 56 Cutting Hood
Ideal for cleaning medium areas. Degree speed adjustment, round nozzle, 2-MIX engine.
STIHL SH 86 Cutting Hood
Ideal for cleaning large areas. Degree speed control, round nozzle, flat nozzle, STIHL Elastostart system, STIHL anti-vibration system, 2-MIX engine, HD2 filter.
STIHL BR 200 Practical back blower
Small and very light machine. STIHL anti-vibration system, 2-MIX engine, simple start-up procedure, locking throttle lock with power switch, transfer handle.
STIHL BR 450 Very powerful blower
Very powerful blower with two-part handle with rubber coating, STIHL anti-vibration system, ergonomic shock absorber, 2-MIX engine, simple start, locking throttle with power switch, transfer handle, stepless adjustment of air hose without adjustment, tools.
STIHL BR 600 Extremely powerful professional back blower
Up to 24 Installments! | STIHL BR 600 Extremely strong professional back blowerExtremely powerful professional back blower STIHL. For fast and efficient completion of even the largest cleaning work. For use in the commercial sector. With highly efficient anti-vibration system and ergonomic transport system with hip belt for all-day use. With an innovative 4-MIX engine with a pleasant sound that ensures low fuel consumption and less exhaust gases.
STIHL BR 700 High performance professional blower
Up to 24 Installments! | STIHL BR 700 High performance professional blowerExtremely powerful STIHL blower with very high air supply. Adjustable handle without tools, stepless adjustment of air hose, soft handle. STIHL anti-vibration system, 4-MIX® engine. Wide shoulder ergonomics of high ergonomics, hip belt, fixed trigger with power switch and carrying handle. For long hours of work with a convex injector, we recommend using the bicycle handle.
STIHL Suction set
Allows turning the blower into a suction cutter. For BG 56, BG 86 STIHL suction set
STIHL suction for electric blowers
Delivery from 1 - 3 days
Allows conversion of the electric blower into an electric hood cutter. For STIHL BGE 71, BGE 81.Suction set for STIHL electric blowers
STIHL gutter cleaning
This practical set of gutters with a 3-meter pipe, allows cleaning the gutters even in the most difficult places. For STIHL BG 45, BG / SH 55 and BG / SH 85 models. STIHL gutter cleaning set
STIHL Pipe extension
Spray tube extension by 33 cm. It is recommended to use a pressure pump for SR 430 and SR 450.
STIHL Bicycle Handle
Relaxing work thanks to the distribution of impact forces in both hands.
STIHL Pillow set
With adapter for mounting the support pads for FSA and BGA on the AR backpack battery transport system.
STIHL Carrying bag
Material: Durable nylon. For the practical storage and transport of the Kombi engine with a circular handle in combination with the most commonly used tool, Kombi FS-KM.
Fork injector For STIHL SG 20
It has two adjustable nozzles that allow spraying in two different directions. Ideal accessory e.g. to spray two lawns at the same time or large areas.
Injector Set For STIHL SG 20
It consists of two flat beam injectors and two hollow cone injectors. The flat beam injector is ideal for spraying on surfaces, while the hollow cone injector is ideal for spraying individual plants.
Injector flat beam 65-0025 STIHL
Flat beam injector with small caliber and small flow for very fine and targeted distribution of the sprayed liquid. (Special support is required to adapt to SG 51 and SG 71.)
Adjustable STIHL brass nozzle
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For SG 31, SG 51 & amp; SG 71. With the adjustable brass nozzle the shape of the beam can be converted from a hollow cone to a solid beam. For excellent spraying results under changing conditions or in different applications
STIHL SG 20 splash guard
Minimizes the effect of wind, reduces fluid loss. Prevents contact of the liquid with the adjacent plants.
STIHL pipe extension
For accurate long-distance application, e.g. in trees and shrubs. For SG 21, SG 31, SG 51, SG 71.