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Power Generator YAMAHA EF2000iS
Up to 24 Installments! | Power Generator YAMAHA EF2000iS

 All the power you will need is in your hands, either for simple home use or for powering high-performance electrical equipment.
The EF2000iS is one of the lightest generators, with a weight not exceeding 21 kg, which allows it to be easily transported with one hand.
Despite its power, the high-capacity exhaust ensures extremely low noise emission, just 51.5 dB (A). *
The compact control panel with controls on one side, makes the generator easy to use and perfectly matches its clean retro look.
The 4.2 liter tank ensures 10.5 hours of continuous operation at 1/4 nominal load.
So, whether you use it in the campsite or in an enclosed business space, this generator without coolers will fully cover your every need for energy production. * at ¼ nominal load of 7 meters.

Power Generator YAMAHA EF2200IS
Up to 24 Installments! Power Generator YAMAHA EF2200iS
Wherever you are and whatever you do, the compact and lightweight EF2200iS generator is ready for instant power supply, for work or leisure.
Its range of practical features make it easy to handle and with its low weight not exceeding 25 kg, this sturdy generator is easy to use and transport.
Powerful, quiet, economical and compact, the high-performance Yamaha EF2200iS offers plenty of energy to fully meet your every need.
It is designed to offer 2.2kVA maximum net power, anywhere and in a wide range of applications.
Robust design with advanced Yamaha technology.
Convenient design of three handles for easy transport by 2 people.
The reset button in case of overload restores power output within 3 seconds.
Yamaha Easy Carburettor Drain technology eliminates outdated fuel problems Fuel indicator and control panel with LED illumination Small size and low weight of just 25 kg
Yamaha Smart Throttle technology offers up to 10.5 hours of continuous operation in ¼ load.
With extremely low noise output of just 57dBA (at 7 meters and ¼ load), the EF2200iS will cover you completely, with very low noise levels and efficiency, at work or leisure.