GS 461 Νέος κόφτης STIHL αλυσίδα με διαμάντι 36 GBM
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GS 461 New cutter STIHL diamond chain 36 GBM

Up to 24 Installments! | GS 461 New STIHL diamond chain cutter 36 GBM Strong 5.8 Hp STIHL building material cutter. Comfortably cuts concrete, concrete, stone, bricks, masonry and sewer pipes. With STIHL 2-MIX engine and HD 2 air filter with long life. Deep cuts exceeding 150 mm and cutting depth 40cm. With the possibility of providing water for cooling, dust suppression and rinsing of the chain. Ideal for renovation and conversion work.

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Up to 24 Installments! | GS 461 New cutter STIHL chain with diamond 36 GBMGS 461 New cutter STIHL chain with diamond 36 GBM 1) No fuel, no blade and diamond chain 2) Coefficient K according to directive 2006/42 / EC = 2.5 (dB (A)) 3) Coefficient K according to Directive 2006/42 / EC = 2.5 dB (A) 4) Coefficient K according to Directive 2006/42 / EC = 2m / s ² / Coefficient K according to Directive 2006/42 / EC = 2m / s ² Cubic capacity cm3 76.5 Power kW / Hp 4.3 / 5.8 Weight kg 1) 7.6 STIHL Chain type Diamond chain 36 GBM Chain guide 3/8 " Container capacity l 0.78 Sound power level dB (A) 2) 115 Sound pressure level dB (A) 3) 105 Vibration, left / right m / s² 4) 4,5 / 4 Standard Diamond cutting chain 36 GBM The diamond sections are already ground upon delivery of the chain Thus the STIHL GS 461 gives full performance from the very first cut, as no need to grind in practice The chain manufactured by STIHL itself has a diamond section in each link of the chain, for quick cutting. Chain guides ensure quiet, vibration-free operation. Blade Rollomatic G The blade is equipped with an internal water rinsing system. The water reaches even under the gear of the nose. The nozzles on the bell cap are facing forward so that the operator does not get wet while using the machine. In addition, the blade has a painted roller track and a second hole for the tensioner that increases the tension distance. Water connector The water connector is located on the machine, in a slightly elevated position. This facilitates the connection of the water supply, while the connector is protected from contamination when the machine is grounded. Water is used for washing and trapping dust but also as a means of lubrication and cooling of the blade and the chain. Bell cap with water guidance system The water guidance system for the efficient use of the wash water is integrated in the bell cap. Inside the lid of the bell, the water changes direction and is channeled into the incision, thus completing its cycle of use. Rubber protective covers When cutting walls. a large rubber cover protects the engine housing from damage when the blade reaches full immersion. STIHL 2-MIX engine Features a modern, low-emission 2-MIX technology engine. Depending on the use, fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 20% compared to conventional 2-stroke engines. Harmful emissions are also reduced due to the reduction of scan losses. Anti-vibration system In the long run, strong vibrations in the handles of machines can cause problems with the perspiration of the fingers and hands. To prevent this problem, STIHL has developed a high quality anti-vibration system. In machines with anti-vibration system, the transmission to the handles of the oscillations produced by the motor and the component is significantly reduced. Decompression valve The decompression valve allows a portion of the compressed mixture to escape from the cylinder when the engine is started. This significantly reduces the force required to pull the starter rope. This relaxes the operator and protects the entire starting system of the machine from mechanical stress. New HD2 filter The new HD2 high density polyethylene filter has 70% thinner pores than nonwoven and polyamide filters, capturing even the finest dust. The HD2 filter is easily cleaned with the special STIHL spray. Alternatively you can use soap and water or vinegar water to clean it. Behind the HD2 filter there is an additional filter, which filters even the smallest particles and protects the carburetor from damage. Lateral chain tensioner With the side tensioner, the chain is stretched from the side, through the bell cap. This avoids the contact of the hands with the sharp chain and the support nails of the chainsaw. STIHL ElastoStart When pulling the starter rope on internal combustion engines, the compression pressure creates sudden power fluctuations that put strain on the muscles and joints. A shock absorber integrated in the special ElastoStart start handle absorbs and releases force, depending on the compression course. This normalizes the boot process and eliminates jerks. . Tool-free plug Allows easy and tool-free opening and closing of the tank and protects it from dust.

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