MSA 120 C-BQ αλυσοπρίονο με μπαταρία AK 20 και φορτιστή AL 101
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MSA 120 C-BQ chainsaw STIHL with AK 20 battery and AL 101 charger

An extremely light and silent STIHL rechargeable chainsaw for garden care and firewood cutting. Quick chain tension with adjustment wheel and easy chain change. Special chain 1/4 "PM3 cuts with high precision, slides easily into the wood and ensures a smooth cut. Delivered with 1 AK 20 battery and AL 101 charger.

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1) Coefficient K according to Directive 2006/42 / EC = 2m / s ² 2) Coefficient K according to Directive 2006/42 / EC = 2.5 dB (A) 3) Time may vary depending on use Lithium ion battery technology COMPACT Weight without battery kg 2.5 Vibrations left / right m / s² 1) 3,4 / 3,2 Sound power level dB (A) 2) 94 Operating time with AK 10 minutes 3) up to 15 Operating time with AK 20 minutes 3) up to 35 Operating time with AK 30 minutes 3) up to 55 MSA 120 C-BQ STIHL chainsaw with AK 20 battery and AL 101 charger Standard Charger AL 101 Charger for the COMPACT rechargeable series. With operation indicator (LED), cable with Velcro tape, mountable on the wall, if required. Battery AK 20 Compact lithium ion battery for the COMPACT rechargeable series, with a voltage of 36 V and a capacity of 118 Wh. Battery life depends on the type of device. With charge status indicator (LED). Compatible with AL 101, AL 100, AL 300 and AL 500. Silent operation The STIHL COMPACT rechargeable machines are so quiet that you do not need to wear earmuffs.  Chain accelerator (B) The STIHL accelerator makes chain tensioning quick and easy. Just loosen the cogwheel cover and turn the switch to adjust the optimum volume. No tools needed.  QuickStop Super (Q) brake The additional system for extra safety. Users can activate the chain brake directly on the back of the handle. The chain stops within a few seconds each time the user depresses the rear handle, whenever there is strong enough recoil or when the front hand guard is activated. This unique security feature ensures even greater user protection in all workplaces.  Inserting the battery in 2 stages The battery can be inserted into the device in 2 stages. In the first stage of locking - intermediate position - the battery is attached to the device, but the machine does not work. In the second stage of locking - the operating position - the battery is fully inserted and the machine is operating normally.  Toolless filling cap The tank can be filled quickly and easily using the toolless lid. Soft control handle The soft padding on the rear control handle ensures a secure and secure grip in any condition. The control lever must be released with the lock button on the side.  New STIHL (EC) electric motor STIHL electric motor with electronic control circuit (EC) has no brushes, offering great energy savings and almost no wear. Thanks to the high efficiency of the engine, the energy of the battery is transformed into an impressive work. The electronic control circuit constantly monitors the EC engine, recognizing changes in the load, and ensures that the engine always operates at the optimum speed.  Ematic Engine System Depending on the chain and type of wood, the STIHL Ematic system reduces chain oil consumption by 50% compared to conventional Ematic-free blades. Dual operation handle The ergonomically shaped handle and the soft control rear handle ensure safe operation in all operating positions.

Data sheet
Επιλέξτε Αλυσοπρίονα, Αλυσίδες, Λάμες, Παρελκόμενα STIHL
Επαναφορτιζόμενα αλυσοπρίονα STIHL
1-2 κιλά
Σειρά AK
Επαναφορτιζόμενο Μπαταρίας
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