MS 241 C-M Νέο επαγγελματικό αλυσοπρίονο STIHL με σύστημα M-Τronic
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MS 241 CM New STIHL professional chainsaw with M-Tronic system

Up to 24 Installments! | MS 241 CM New STIHL professional chainsaw with M-TronicSTIHL system MS 241 CM PS3 with M-Tronic electronic engine control system as standard. For excellent engine performance without manual carburetor adjustment. Small, agile and with excellent driving behavior, thanks to the quality components made of cast magnesium alloy, the professional anti-vibration system, the long-lasting air filtration system with a new HD2 filter and the ergonomic position of the handle. With a clean 2-MIX engine with a scanning system equipped with the new Picco Super 3 (PS3) chain for excellent performance in coniferous pruning, small diameter timber collection and forest thinning work.

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Up to 24 Installments! | MS 241 CM New STIHL professional chainsaw with M-Tronic system 241 CM New STIHL professional chainsaw with M-Tronic system 1) Without fuel, blade and chain 2) Coefficient K according to Directive 2006/42 / EC = 2.5 dB (A) 3 ) Coefficient K according to Directive 2006/42 / EC = 2m / s β Cubic capacity cm³ 42,6 Power kW / HP 2,3 / 3,1 Weight kg 1) 4,5 Sound pressure level dB (A) 2) 103 Sound level power dB (A) 2) 115 Left / right vibrations m / s² 3) 2,9 / 2,9 Power to weight ratio kg / kW 2 Step / chain type 3/8 "P Standard decompression valve The decompression valve leaves a part from the compressed mixture to escape from the cylinder when starting the engine.This significantly reduces the force required to pull the starter rope.This relaxes the operator and protects the entire starting system of the machine from mechanical stress.Filtration system Long-lasting air filter The long-lasting air filtration system with separation cyclone ensures sensory longer filter life. Its separation cyclone removes large particles of pollutants, so as not to burden the filter, thus doubling the time until the next cleaning. Long-life filter The STIHL MS 261 has a filter with five times longer life than the MS 260. The new HD2 filter High-density polyethylene filter has 70% thinner pores than non-woven and polyamide filters, and so on captures even the finest dust. STIHL M-Tronic Fully electronic engine control system regulates ignition timing and fuel supply in each operating mode, taking into account external factors such as temperature, altitude and fuel quality. Ensures excellent engine performance and very good acceleration. No need to adjust the carburetor manually. In addition, the M-Tronic records the settings from the last use so that at each restart you immediately have the full power of the engine. Start-up lever Thanks to the M-Tronic system, there is no longer a need for manual adjustment of the carburetor. The electronic system automatically detects the state of the engine at start-up, so that the multifunction lever now has only one starting position. Perfect combustion Four overflow chambers swirl the fuel-air mixture before ignition. In this way the fuel burns perfectly and the engine efficiency is significantly increased. The result: Lower fuel consumption and higher torque over a wide range of speeds. HD2 - New filter New HD2 filter: The new HD2 high density polyethylene filter has 70% thinner pores than nonwoven and polyamide filters, thus capturing even the finest dust. In addition, it repels water and oil and for this reason it is very easy to clean. The replacement filter is removed and installed without tools. Anti-vibration system In the long run, strong vibrations in the handles of machines can cause problems with the perspiration of the fingers and hands. To prevent this problem, STIHL has developed a high quality anti-vibration system. In machines with anti-vibration system, the transmission to the handles of the oscillations produced by the motor and the component is significantly reduced. Pressure compensator The STIHL pressure compensator, a regulator built into the carburetor, ensures that engine performance, exhaust quality and fuel consumption remain almost constant over an extended period of time, despite progressive air pollution. Bell cap with safety nuts The nuts are permanently attached to the bell cap. This way the nuts are not lost, they are always properly positioned and do not warp when the lid is installed. Adjustable flow oil pump Allows accurate oil supply depending on operating conditions. The setting on the E indicator guarantees an adequate oil supply under all conditions. However, as professionals adjust the flow more precisely, the pump allows the oil flow to be reduced by up to 50%. Similar image Side chain tensioner With the side tensioner, the chain is stretched from the side, through the bell cap. This avoids the contact of the hands with the sharp chain and the support nails of the chainsaw. ElastoStart system When pulling the starter rope on internal combustion engines, the compression pressure creates sudden power fluctuations that put strain on the muscles and joints. A shock absorber integrated in the special ElastoStart start handle absorbs and releases force, depending on the compression course. This normalizes the boot process and eliminates jerks. Carburetor preheating system STIHL chainsaws with carburetor preheating can be relied on even during the colder months of the year: With winter setting, preheated suction air passes around the carburetor. This prevents the carburetor from freezing. A simple move is enough to switch between summer and winter mode. Tank cap that opens without tools Special secured plugs for the fuel tank and the oil tank. In machines with such plugs, the tank and the oil tank open and close quickly, with minimal force and without tools.

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Επιλέξτε Αλυσοπρίονα, Αλυσίδες, Λάμες, Παρελκόμενα STIHL
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