HSA 94R 75cm ισχυρό και στιβαρό επαναφορτιζόμενο ψαλίδι μπορντούρας  χωρίς μπαταρία και φορτιστή
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HSA 94R 75cm edging scissors STIHL

Up to 24 Installments! | HSA 94R 75cm edging scissors STIHLExtremely strong and sturdy rechargeable edging scissors STIHL of professional specifications with low knife speed for strong cutting. Fixed number of paths even under extreme load for mowing hard bushes, multi-function swivel handle with 3-position path number adjuster, double-sided cutting blades in pruning version, screw guard for cut-off protection, guide guard. Weight from 4.1 kg. Used with AR back battery, or AP battery for the connection of which a case with a connection cable worth 165 € is required. HSA 94R, 75 cm, without battery and charger

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Up to 24 Installments! | HSA 94R 75cm edging scissors STIHLHSA 94R 75cm strong and sturdy rechargeable edging scissors STIHL without battery and charger 1) Without battery 2) Rate K according to Directive 2006/42 / EC = 2.5 dB (A) 3) Rate 2006 42 / EC = 2.5 (dB (A)) 4) Rate K according to Directive 2006/42 / EC = 2m / s ² 5) Time may vary by usage 6) Operating time may vary by usage Lithium- ion battery technology PRO Weight kg 1) 4,4 Sound power level dB (A) 2) 95 Sound pressure level dB (A) 3) 84 Cutting length cm 75 Tooth distance mm 38 Vibrations, left / right m / s² 4) 4 , 2 / 3,3 Operating time with AP 100 minutes 5) to 54 Operating time with AP 200 minutes 5) to 108 Operating time with AP 300 minutes to 135 Operating time with AR 1000 minutes 5) to 380 Operating time with AR 2000 minutes 5) to 550 operation time with AR 3000 minutes 5) to 700 Run Time AP 100 (level 1/2/3) minutes 6) 54/48/42 operating time AP 200 (level 1/2/3) 6 min) 108/96/84 Operating time AP 300 (level 1/2/3) minutes 6) 135/120/105 AR 1000 Run Time (level 1/2/3) minutes 6) 380/350/320 Operating time AR 2000 (level 1/2/3) minutes 6) 550/500/450 Operating time AR 3000 (level 1/2/3) minutes 6) 700/630/570 Standard Knives with double-edged teeth Ideal for professional use. STIHL EC motor In addition to the impressive performance of professional trimmers due to the PRO batteries, they also have an EC motor. The EC motor recognizes the battery connected to the machine and supplies the engine with the appropriate power. Guide protection Protects the tip of the blades from wear and facilitates cutting near obstacles. Screw guard Reduces the risk of injury to the user and ensures easy replacement. Internal control switch It is comfortable in the hand and saves energy during operation, especially during long working intervals. Multifunction rotating handle Whether it is cutting to the side or up, the professional pruning shears are always comfortable and balanced in operation thanks to the rotating multifunction handle. The handle easily adapts to the position that facilitates your work. R models The R models of the STIHL HS 81 and STIHL HS 86 are designed for rough pruning of hedges and shrubs, without compromising on power. They have knives with long distances between the teeth and great height. The gear ratio of the gear unit ensures a large cutting force. Thus, the R models make large volume and coarse pruning tasks even faster and easier. Double-sided cutting knives The studied geometry of the knives and the heads that are ideally designed for pruning and detailed cutting, respectively, ensure the highest possible cutting efficiency. Adjustable knife speed Adjust 3-position knife speed. Depending on the job, the appropriate knife speed is selected, so you always have the maximum efficiency. The lights constantly show you at what speed you have the machine. The lights rotate with the handle to always be in your field of vision.

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