RM 253 Ευέλικτο χλοοκοπτικό για μεσαίες εκτάσεις STIHL
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RM 253 T Flexible lawn mower for medium-large areas STIHL

Up to 24 Installments! | RM 253 T Flexible lawn mower for medium-large areas STIHLFlexible gasoline lawn mower with 51 cm cutting width for medium and large areas of lawn. Central cutting height adjustment and folding steering bar for comfortable work. Including a 55 liter lawn mower, with a total weight of 28kg.

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Up to 24 Installments! | RM 253 T Flexible lawn mower for medium-large areas STIHL Cutting width cm 51 Cc cm³ 150 Uncertainty factor K m / s² 2,5 Noise level guaranteed LWAd [dB (A)] dB (A) 98 Lawns with area up to ... m² up to 1800 Cutting height mm 25-75 Sound pressure level uncertainty coefficient KpA [dB (A)] dB (A) 2 Rated power (kW / HP) 2,2 kW / 3,0 PS Hay collector l 55 Weight kg 28 Vibration value ahw m / s² 5 Engine type Serie 625 E OHV RS Standard Central height adjustment The central cutting height adjustment is spring-loaded, making it easy to set the desired cutting height in various settings. The current height is indicated by a scale. Easy start (ReadyStart) The boot advantage that makes the difference: Easy and safe start-up. The automatic chuck facilitates the start of the lawn mower, both with cold and hot engine. Wheel drive system The motor system facilitates the cutting of grass mainly in large areas and on sloping ground. The machine starts with a simple movement of the control lever. Winged knife The winged knife inside the aerodynamic housing produces a strong stream of air that lifts the grass before mowing and transports the cut material to the lawn mower, through the built-in air duct system. This ensures very good performance in mowing and collecting the grass and excellent appearance of the lawn. Low friction wheels The flexible wheels of STIHL mowers are extremely sturdy and hard. They are equipped with an embossed sole that ensures traction and steady direction. Ergonomic handle Extremely ergonomic handle for easy handling and a good sense of touch, offers comfort when cutting grass. Folding handle Thanks to the folding steering wheel, STIHL mowers can be folded for easy storage or transport to the next point of use. Sturdy frame Thanks to its excellent rigidity, the frame remains in excellent condition, even under harsh conditions. Consists of three sturdy metal components The forces exerted on the handle during handling are transmitted directly to the housing. The machine responds quickly and thus allows easy maneuvering.

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